All-in-one money transfer solution

Everything you need to operate your remittance business globally

Business management
Business Management

Track and manage your transactions, customers, accounts, and FX reports

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Live Interbank FX Rates

Real-time market data of over 1,500 currency pairs with historical charts

Compliance database
Compliance Database

Automated AML/CFT screening and ongoing monitoring to fulfil KYC regulations

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New Revenue Stream

Receive new remittance orders from OneHypernet's network at 0% commission

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Receive new remittance orders at 0% commission

Generate new revenue from retail, SME, and corporate customers for free
Onboard customers and receive orders digitally without managing your own website

How it works

OneHypernet acquires retail, SME, and corporate customers for you
Customers place orders to send money overseas at OneHypernet's portal
Orders are forwarded to you for processing while OneHypernet handles customer servicing

Free Myinfo onboarding of your customers

  • Check liOnboard and verify new customers in less than a minute
  • Check liRetrieve verified data from government sources
  • Check liEliminate manual form filling to save time for you and your customers (no need to collect NRIC anymore)

MAS considers Myinfo and Myinfo business to be reliable and independent sources for the purpose of verifying the customer's personal and corporate data. Where Myinfo is used, MAS will not require financial institutions to obtain additional identification documents to verify a customer's identity.

How it works

  • Qr codeOneHypernet generates a customised web page and QR code just for you.
  • LoginCustomers log in via Singpass at your customised web page. This can be done at your shop or online.
  • UploadFull customer KYC information is saved and sent to you digitally.
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Integrated AML and KYC solution

Automated screening

of your remittance transactions or search manually

Robust search options

by checking partial and proximal matches in multiple languages

Pep database
World's largest PEP database

with more than 3 million entities in 250 countries and territories

Generate reports

for regulatory requirements such as MAS and STR filings

Business details

Rates settings and Real-time mid-market data

Rate setting 1
Set buy/sell rates

by manual input, excel upload, or automate by pre-set margins

Rate setting 2
Compare your rates

against real-time market data of over 1,500 currency pairs

Rate setting 3
Customise rate settings

by quotation, decimal, unit, and beneficiary location

Rate setting 4
Analyse FX charts

with five years of data for all major currency pairs

Rate setting 5

Transactions management and Customer database

Transaction management 1

Record transactions and link every order to your customer database

Transaction management 2

Auto-fill transactions by setting rules for each currency pair and customer type

Transaction management 3

End-to-end tracking of transaction flow from customer to your agent

Transaction management 4

Manage risk with real-time calculation of profit and loss, and FX exposure

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Join our global network of FX providers

Global network 5Global network big
Global network 1

Discover and connect with new remittance agents and partners for disbursements

Global network 2

Enterprise chat system to receive and send orders to your remittance partners and banks

Global network 3

Sync chat with your business to automatically update transactions for each disbursement

Global network 4

Increase profits with better price execution of your FX orders

Digitise deposit slips and Automate operations

Deposit 5
Deposit 1
Optical character recognition

(OCR) to extract data from deposit slips

Deposit 2
Automate matching

and saving of deposit slips to every transaction

Deposit 3
Save time

by extracting data from all deposit slips with a single click

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Increase accuracy

and reduce human error by relying on machine learning

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